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Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service (CPAMS)

Your patients on warfarin can be referred to one of over 150 accredited pharmacies across New Zealand and managed under a standing order agreement with you.

Patients get tested, advised on dose and counselled all in one short consultation by an accredited pharmacist. Collaboration between you and your pharmacist, as a local medications expert, and electronic transfer of results to your Patient Management System ensures high quality warfarin management for your patients.

Benefits to you, your patient and your practice include1:

  • Saves time - no more waiting for results at the end of the day and trying to contact patients with advice on dose after hours
  • Consistently high time in therapeutic range and compliance with appointments
  • Safe - high percentage of time in the therapeutic range means less risk of adverse events2
  • Improved collaboration between pharmacist and GP


If you and your patients would like to benefit from this service, click here to see the list of accredited CPAMS pharmacies.

To learn more about CPAMS see Downloads and Key Studies sections to the right.




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