CoaguChek® systems

    The smart way to test INR at the Point of Need

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Pro II system


CoaguChek® INRange system



CoaguChek® INRange system




The CoaguChek Pro II Coagulation Meter is the new professional point of care coagulation device. It brings the lab closer to the patient in the hospital environment.



INRange system



CoaguChek INRange is the connected self-testing meter that enables your patients to test their PT/INR whenever, wherever - for confident control of their VKA therapy.





Get immediately actionable coagulation results
at ALL points of care





XS Plus system


When record keeing is a must

Offering the same accuracy and ease of use as the CoaguChek XS, with patient/operator identification and connectivity added.

XS Pro system


Easy, accurate plus a barcode reader

Combines all benefits of the CoaguChek XS and XS Plus Professional Meter with a focus on hospital workflows by adding a barcode scanner to facilitate ID capture.